gulfImagine if it were possible to grow food on non-arable land, either near or far from an electricity supply. Imagine that could be done near urban centers with large populations and in remote locations with a dispersed population.

To do the above would require a revolutionary approach to agriculture, a peaceful revolution that could sweep the world in just a few years. As is commonly known, every revolution begins with a spark – a visionary – and that visionary is GULF.

GULF has brought together 21st Century technologies and 21st Century financing techniques that create the ability to grow vegetables (hydroponics) and fish (aquaponics) using grid or off-grid energy to produce food in any area of the world that has water.

GULF has the ability to establish eco-friendly, space-efficient, cost-effective systems for growing produce and fish.

These systems are energy-efficient and use about 10% of the water needed for traditional agriculture. Coupled with its new energy technologies,

GULF can also use wind, solar, geothermal, etc. to produce the needed electricity to power the production units on an off-grid basis allowing food to be produced almost anywhere in the world.