Master Research Agreement signed with Texas A&M

Global Universal License & Finance (G.U.L.F.) is very pleased to announce that it has signed a 5 year Master Research Agreement with A&M AgriLife. G.U.L.F. will sponsor, research and explore areas of common interest that it believes are excellent opportunities for development of intellectual property and the improvement & advancement of hydroponic produce production, aquaculture, and renewable energy, for use both in Texas and around the world.

G.U.L.F. and Sidel Systems Partnership Brings New Energy Efficiency Technology to Hydroponics

Dallas, Texas, USA –September 25th, 2013 – Global Universal License & Finance, Inc., a Texas-based corporation (G.U.L.F) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a relationship with Sidel Systems USA, Inc. for deploying Sidel’s energy efficient systems into G.U.L.F.’s hydroponic and aquaponic systems worldwide. John Bickel, President and CEO of G.U.L.F. stated, “Everyone involved is excited by how well our systems complement each other and by the obvious mutual benefits to be derived for our companies and the world at large. Our strategy is to commercially establish the use in our own product line, Better Than Organic Foods initially before licensing our brand and technologies to others.”

G.U.L.F. Director of Agricultural Project Management, Rolf Glerum added, “We are certainly pleased about adding Sidel Systems’ superior technologies & ‘Exclusive Guarantee’ to our portfolio, but the true reward is the opportunity to work with Sid & Ellen Abma. In addition to being experts and pioneers in their field, they have the vision and desire to address the challenges ahead that many refuse to acknowledge.”

Sid Abma, CEO of Sidel Systems and his wife, Ellen, started their company in 1978, specializing in the design and installation of warm water heating systems for the commercial greenhouse industry. Sidel Systems has heated millions of square feet of commercial greenhouses. More recently, they have placed their focus on increasing natural gas energy efficiency.

Mr. Abma stated, “Our goal is for the United States to consume its natural gas almost as cleanly and efficiently as the energy supplied by solar or wind energy. Following our commitment to the United States, we would then focus our attention on the entire planet. Sidel and G.U.L.F. share similar goals and objectives, so working together is a natural fit.”

G.U.L.F. / B.T.O.F. (Better Than Organic Foods), Chief Strategy Officer David Leis added, “Experts at the U.N. have projected a global population of over 9 billion people by 2050 compared to the present population of about 6.7 billion, which is about a 26% increase. Today, 1 out of every 6 people on the planet are malnourished, over 880,000,000 people lack access to safe water, and estimates published by the World Bank established that in the last 6 months of 2010, 44,000,000 people were driven into poverty by food price increases. On top of that, our potable water supply is already stressed and about 75% of that water is currently used for farming. Our systems not only deliver between 5 and 20 crops per year vs. one or two for conventional farming; we do it using approximately 1/10th of the water. Also, our controlled growing environments are not affected by hail storms, hurricanes, heat waves, or drought. Therefore, our cost of goods is virtually constant, regardless of market prices.”

In a nutshell, over the course of the next 40 years, we will have to produce the same amount of food that was previously produced over the last 8000 years to date,” said G.U.L.F. president & CEO John Bickel. “At G.U.L.F., each project our team creates can be specifically tailored for the highest efficiencies and cost-effectiveness based on geography and climate and our hydroponics, aquaponics, water, and renewable energy technologies can be successfully implemented almost anywhere on the planet.”

Sidel Systems USA Inc., beginning in 1978, specialized in the design and installation of hot water heating systems for the commercial greenhouse industry. Sidel Systems manufactures the full line of SRU Series Flue Gas Waste Heat Recovery Units that reduce CO2 emissions and create usable water as a byproduct of operating their equipment. (Visit Sidel’s company website here: )

G.U.L.F. is a leading hydroponic and aquaponic, systems integration company, that partners with the world’s technology leaders to deliver sustainable produce and fish with off grid energy systems to its clients and licensees. (Company websites are located here: and )

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